How much does a funeral cost?

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How much does a funeral cost?

At a difficult time, arranging a funeral can be a trying experience for relatives and friends of the deceased. All the more so when it comes to making decisions about the funeral details themselves and the costs involved.

The cost of a funeral is one of the primary worries for anyone who assumes the responsibility for arranging a funeral. In this context, the specific role of the Funeral Director is to assist you to decide on a funeral which conforms with the wishes of the deceased and needs of the family and which is within the family’s financial circumstances.

As members of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors we are required by the Association’s Code of Practice to discuss funeral costs when the funeral arrangements are being made, subject to the family indicating that they would prefer costs not to be discussed at that time.

While arranging a funeral, the person responsible for making the arrangements will be informed about the various costs involved and left free to decide on the arrangements and the costs involved. When the funeral arrangements have been agreed, the Funeral Director will often provide the person responsible with a detailed breakdown of the specific charges making up the total funeral costs.

Accessing funds to pay for the funeral

Both AIB and Bank of Ireland allow the next of kin to access the deceased funds in advance of probate to cover funeral expenses.

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